What is the Valley News?

The Valley News is a community based publication that is designed to bring together the residents from a number of villages in the river Cherwell valley in the format of a locally produced magazine which is regularly delivered to every house in the villages.

Valley News is published once every 2 months and delivered, free of charge, to approximately 1,500 houses in the Cherwell valley. We currently deliver to  Heyford Park, Caulcott, Lower Heyford, Upper Heyford, Somerton and Heyford Leys.

How we do what we do?

Valley News is, above all, community driven. It has a network of local folk and contributors who submit items that will be of interest to the community to the editor. These may be an article about a subject that they feel may be of interest to local residents or that they feel strongly about or a list of local folk who have moved in or moved out, those who have married, had children or have recently passed away.

Quite simply without our local folk there would be no Valley News. The local folk are our eyes and ears and we collectively thank and salute all those who play their part in Valley News in this way.

Valley News is very much aware of the environmental impact of producing a magazine on paper but draws comfort from the fact that all regular format paper is sourced from responsibly managed forestry and other resources and that good recycling facilities are available post-use.

On balance Valley News feels that the benefit accorded to those who do not have, or do not wish for, on-line access (who are likely to be mainly our older residents) is best continued to be met by a hard copy print. We shall keep this policy under review. As well as being delivered in hard copy every 2 months it is also available on-line at our own web site. Each of the parish councils has a link to the on-line version on its own village website

There are currently no plans to stop producing a hard copy of Valley News although we might consider an opt-in or opt-out arrangement although nobody knows how we can make that work successfully! So until then the plan is to deliver a hard copy to each house.

How is Valley News funded?

In order to help meet the printing costs, advertisements are accepted from local traders and service providers at very modest and competitive rates. We are grateful to all of our advertisers for whom, judging by the number who repeat their adverts year after year, advertising in VN works for them too. Valley News is also sponsored by the local parish councils and simply would not exist in its current format without the support of the following parish councils, to whom we are very grateful:

Somerton Parish Council www.somertonvillage.org

Upper Heyford Parish Council www.upperheyford.com

Lower Heyford and Caulcott Parish Council www.heyford.info

Heyford Park Parish Council www.heyfordpark-pc.gov.uk

Last, but by no means least, Valley News receives very kind donations from a number of individuals and organisations.

Valley News – contributors

The following are some of the folk who regularly kindly produce articles and inputs for the Valley News:

Michael Rodgers

Linda Robertson

Roger Burt

Victoria Prentis

Liz Goodwin

Valley News – principal players

Editor in Chief Ian Lough Scottianloughscott@btinternet.com
Advertising ManagerJackie Woodadverts.valleynews@gmail.com
TreasurerBruce Eggelingtreasurer.valleynews@gmail.com
WebmasterRichard Hendersoninfo@enter-at.co.uk
Upper Heyford sub-editorVacant – Please apply!
Lower Heyford sub-editorVacant – Please apply!
Caulcott sub-editorVacant – Please apply!
Heyford Park sub-editorVacant – Please apply!
Somerton sub-editor Vacant – Please apply!